• Image of Death’s Disciples 11x14 Fine Art Print

What we have here is a collaboration 11x14 fine art print between Artist/Tattooer Josh Autrey @demonkiller1 and myself. This print was mastered by Two Crows Printing @twocrowsprinting on BFK Rives 100lb printmaking rag paper.

Paper Description - Our hand-coated BFK Rives printmaking rag paper is a versatile paper. Anything from oil, watercolor, acrylic, and digital work looks top notch printed on this paper. This cotton paper has a wow factor with the finished print. Very frequently we have had artists convinced that a print made on BFK Rives was the original when handed their prints. It’s not just the looks with this paper, it’s also the feel. The best way to describe it is as a brushed velvet. If you’re stuck on a paper you want to go with, we highly recommend BFK Rives. High-quality look, great tactile feel, and a final piece that looks so good it could be the original, you can’t beat it!

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